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Land Surveyor is generally plans, organizes, and directs work on surveying as well as surveying teams. More specifically, his work involves determining accurate location and measurements of points, elevations, lines, areas, preparation of maps, land division or partitions, contour survey for civil engineering construction, land titles and many other related purposes. He also carryout detailed evaluation or examination of previous survey work, maps, deeds, physical evidence, and other records to obtain secondary data needed for surveys. Similarly, he collects new data from photogrammetric information. The Land Surveyor has to be methodical and should have attention to detail. As such, he has to Keep accurate notes, records, and necessary sketches to give precise information including certification of work performed. The Land Surveyor is a key person who will liaised closely with engineering and architectural professionals, clients, and other stakeholders concerning the legal and project specific surveying on civil engineering projects. In essence, he assumes legal responsibility for work and is licensed by the government.

Land Surveyor's Job

We come across Land Surveyor in our day to day life. For example, if you want to know where your back yard ends or your immediate neighbor's yard begins, we need the Surveyor's advice. The Surveyor is responsible for creation of maps. He measures and draw the what the property looks like.

Surveyor do different types of work such as measuring land, air space, and water bodies. In essence, he explains what the land looks like, and how much extent is there. He record these information and include in deeds, leases, and other legal documents. In addition, he gets involved in measuring construction and mineral sites. Surveyor has to guide or lead surveying parties or surveying projects. The Land Surveyor's work involves many areas.

Geodetic surveyors are responsible in measuring large areas of the earth's surface.

Geophysical prospecting surveyors establish or mark sites that are subject for exploration of the earth's subsurface for related services such as petroleum and mining of minerals.

Marine or hydrographic surveyors are mainly involved in studies of harbors, rivers, and other water bodies.

The Land Surveyor needs the support of the surveying and mapping technicians when they go out for surveying expeditions. The survey technicians are trained to use special tools and collection of information. In addition, these technicians give a supporting role to the Surveyor by way of measuring, use of equipment, making sketches, recording data and storing them on computers. They might hold measuring tapes and chains as well.

Another group of Surveyors are called cartographers who collect information or facts about the earth's surface. Their work mainly prepare detailed maps of large areas.

Some Surveyors are called photogrammetrists who prepare maps from aerial photographs. This group of surveyors work in offices and very seldom they visit the sites which they have to prepare maps.

A new breed of Surveyors have been evolved in the recent past. They are called a Geographic Information Specialists (GIS) who use satellites and computer for their work. They collect information from satellites and turn out maps using patented computer software. The GIS work involves the expertise of mapping scientists as well as surveyors.

Also, the Land Surveyors have to study legal records, examine the previous boundaries and record the results of the survey. The most important attribute of a Surveyor is the "attention to detail' which make sure that their facts are correct. Once the ground information is recorded, they draw the maps indicating what the area looks like. Surveyors make maps and write reports. Surveyor who are responsible for setting out of boundaries must have a valid license issued by the State in which they work.

The Land Surveyors spends most of the time outdoors. It is essential that he works beyond normal working hours. They have to make use of the summer time to their advantage by working extra hours. Similarly, they have to withstand long periods, climb hills and walk long distances, stay overnight and face harsh weather. When they are in office, they have turnout plans, read their data information collected and prepare reports. Today, the Surveyor has to be familiar with computers and associated software in developing maps using math problems. The Land Surveyor takes an important role in modern day engineering projects.

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